At Auzpec we aim for the highest standards in our dealings with customers.


• Are courteous and polite at all times.

• Answer any questions honestly and to the best of their knowledge.

• Do not avoid the truth and do not mislead.

• Always respect our and your right to end the conversation at any time.

• Are fully trained and competent.

• Can provide an explanation regarding our procedures for handling complaints

• Are committed to offering you the highest quality of service.

• All our personnel are trained to provide a high standard.

• That our company literature is accurate and clearly written.

• Will never make you feel misled or push you into a contract with us.

This Code of Practice is our promise that:

• We rigorously select and train all our staff to the highest standards.

• We help you understand all about our products and services by providing information in plain English.

• We ensure you are protected from miss-selling, whatever your circumstances.


If we fail to meet our obligations in this Code of Practice, we will deal with matters quickly and sympathetically; we always apologise and correct any mistakes quickly.