Are as follows:

·         All safety incidents are preventable

·         We believe that the safety of our workforce takes precedence over all other business objectives.

·         Fundamental to our business success is a safe and secure working environment.

·         We seek to protect from harm our personnel, physical assets, community and the environment.

·         Auzpec is committed to protecting and maintaining the Health and well being of its workforce.

·         Safety is our priority our goal is zero injuries.

·         While our workforce takes every precaution practicable to prevent incidents in our workplaces, we have Security and Emergency Management        processes in place to minimise harm if they do occur.

·         We are committed to minimising the Environmental impact of our activities.

·         We believe in going beyond compliance to meet, or exceed, international best practice.

·         We are visible leaders and always demonstrate a genuine commitment to HSSE.

·         We keep our team safe and prevent pollution of the environment by identifying, assessing and controlling risks.

·         We set clear HSSE goals, objectives, expectations and targets to deliver our business plans safely.

·         We carefully select and train our team (including Sub Contractors & Suppliers) so that they are able to perform their work safely.

·         We keep our team informed and ensure team members are consulted on any HSSE matters that might affect them.

·         We work with our team (Contractors & Suppliers) to manage workplace risks.

·         We plan ahead and develop capabilities to deal with emergencies, should they occur.

·         We recognise and control business changes that could impact HSSE.

·         We monitor our HSSE performance and always seek improvements.

·         We learn from incidents and take the necessary actions so that they don’t happen again.

·         We regularly check to ensure all of our HSSE expectations and obligations are met


·         We regularly review our HSSE performance and make adjustments in support of our goal of zero injuries.